As an amateur photographer that spends a lot of time looking at photography and art, you see things and wonder “WHY?” Body painting is one of those things that often illicits that response but it’s not the fact that it’s body painting. Body painting can be stunning when done well and I’ve even had a go with very simple body paint for my last exhibition, but quite often you see models with all different coloured paint just thrown on them, dribbled on them and running down their body and I can’t work out what the artist or photographer is trying to say. There are a couple of guys that obviously have a real thing for it on vimeo because they post video after video of hot nude or nearly nude men covered in paint, smearing it everywhere.

It’s the same with photos of people covered in mud. I like the concept when it’s done well but I’m a strong advocate of photographers, writers, artists and all creatives being more ruthless in editing their work. Try out whatever idea you have, but perhaps don’t publish it until it’s up to a certain standard. The nude body covered in mud is a good example. I’ve seen several shots online of a model in or near a river, covered in mud. Potentially very hot but perhaps refine the technique until it doesn’t look like someone’s taken a dump on the model?

I’m probably one of the most critical people of my own work and I’d like to think that is potentially going to save me from making an ass of myself one day. Just because you’ve got an idea to do something, doesn’t mean you always should. Just because you’ve taken the photo you had in your head, doesn’t mean you should put it out there.

The video below is an example of something being executed beautifully. The models look amazing, the photographic concept is beautiful and it’s all been well thought out and probably tested and had many trial runs before this shoot.

In no way am I saying not to have a go at things, that would be the surest way to fail. The internet is a big scary place for your work to be open to criticism, maybe get the opinion of some honest trustworthy friends first.

NSFW Nature Nourishes Male and Female Body Paint by Roustan Bodypaint from Roustan on Vimeo.