When I posted about finding a nude friendly flatmate a few people commented that I sounded obsessed with it and would possibly scare prospective flatmates away. I have to say I disagree with that. I’m not obsessed with being nude around the house, but I want the freedom to relax in my own home. My thinking was more along the lines of another commenter or two who said that it should be mentioned when interviewing prospective flatmates rather than cause tension by wandering out of my bedroom nude one day and find out that they are completely uncomfortable with it.

As it so happens, the discussion was brought up by the guy that is moving in, not me. We have lots of mutual friends on facebook and they all know of our respective nude tendencies and put us in touch. He’s also a photographer and has just been to Burning Man for the first time. We only met last night and I offered him the room straight away as there were timing issues with other candidates and he felt like the best fit. So, once again I will be living with someone that is comfortable nude. I don’t sit around the house nude often and that isn’t likely to change, but I like knowing that we are both ok with it if we do. Plus, there will probably be a nude housewarming.