CoastOut is one of the few regional Gay and Lesbian festivals that happen in Australia, most of them are restricted to Capital Cities. Being held in Coffs Harbour, naturally it’s a beautiful area to have a festival. Now that it’s been going for a few years, I reckon it’s here to stay and even though I can’t make it this year, I fully intend on getting there one year. It is billed as “an Art, Sport, and Cultural festival, celebrating the diversity of our community.” and it even has a surf carnival. This year they even have an exhibition celebrating the 25 years of Kylie! You can’t get much better (or more gay) than that.

To me, festivals like CoastOut are very important. Everyone knows that LGBT people are more accepted in bigger cities but it’s regional areas that they are subject to most discrimination, so events like this are fantastic to let people know they aren’t the only ones out there. Todd from CoastOut said the community up at Coffs Harbour has been very supportive of the event over the past two years. So, you’ve got a couple of weeks left to organise yourselves and head on up the coast to have some fun!