The first images from the 2013 Dieux Du Stade Calendar have just been released and once again it’s shot by Francois Rousseau. I’m not sure why they have used Francois for 3 years running now. There’s no complaint on my part, I love his work, but they mixed up for several years and now they’ve decided to stick with one photographer for some reason. Maybe the calendar is losing it’s cult following of a few years ago but I will no doubt spend money on the DVD.

I have a question though looking at the photos. What is going on with the nude woman in one shot? I know in a couple of the DVD’s the players are heard to comment on women liking the calendar and showing a different side to the players, but really do they believe that the market is mostly women and this is an attempt to butch it up and make it seem less gay? Not going to work. My guess is that gay men will just skip which ever month has the woman in the photo.