Just a few days ago, the Scissor Sisters played a concert at the Sydney Opera House and my ex organised another flash mob to happen in the evening, before the concert to the Scissor Sister’s big hig “Let’s have a Kiki”. Dan was lucky enough to meet Jake and Babydaddy from the group later on and he also met DJ Sammy Jo who was playing before the concert. When he told me that, something in my memory banks clicked and I did a quick google search and had a look at Sammy Jo. Then I took myself through my photography archives. Sure enough nearly 6 years ago I photographed Sammy for some personal shots he wanted. From memory we chatted on gaydar when that was the popular site to go to.

Fast forward 6 years and he’s touring with the Scissor Sisters and obviously having a blast. As a result of that, and their bloody good music, I’ve been thinking about Jake Shears. He’s a sexy guy, which is a result as much for his energy and vibe as his looks and body. It’s a pretty winning combination. He’s also human. Jake said in an interview recently that even though he’s always taking his clothes off on stage and there have been photos of him goofing around nude back stage, he’s actually insecure about his body.

So. Jake, if you happen to see this which is granted, unlikely, I’d LOVE to photograph you. Here’s where my insecurities come in. How would I do justice to having a massive celebrity in front of my camera?