My hunt for a flatmate has kicked up a notch with my flatmate finally putting in an application for a place today so he could be gone as soon as next weekend. There have been a few people come to look at the house and a couple of them are candidates. I’d love to find a nude friendly housemate again but I have a sneaking suspicion that isn’t going to happen and it might be a criteria that is hard to fill. It certainly ranks below sanity and easy to live with in importance but it’s on the wish list.

How many of you have or have had a living arrangement that is nude friendly with someone that isn’t a partner? I fully expect that if I ever end up living with a partner then I and hopefully they, will be nude a lot of the time. I was talking to someone about it today and he asked how nude friendly I wanted. I said my current flatmate and I don’t usually sit around nude but walking to the kitchen to get a drink or wandering around after a shower etc is fine. He said “isn’t that just being a guy?” Well, I think so but there are lots of guys that are not comfortable with that.