There is an issue that’s been bugging me for some time now and it’s around bareback porn. Now this post is probably going to sound judgemental but I’m going to do my best not to judge, but I’ll admit from the outset that it’s going to be tough.

First up let me put my hand up and say I enjoy watching bareback porn and I have purchased it so I may be part of the problem, if there is a problem. With companies like Treasure Island Media and Hot Desert Knights etc, they’ve never made any secret of the fact that they use HIV+ models. People like the infamous Dawson from TIM are notorious cum dumps and love taking as many loads from whoever they can. Dawson has said in interviews that as soon as he sero-converted and found out he was poz, that he called TIM to do work with them and is now one of the most famous bareback porn stars.

My issue is with the other companies like Corbin Fisher that use your cliched all American clean cut college looking guys and are now publishing bareback sex with no mention of HIV and safe sex practices. In the realm of non-specifically fetish porn, ie fairly mainstream porn there are lots of gay-for-pay models working and probably lots of naive young guys trying to make some money and trading on their gorgeous looks, killer bodies, big dicks and high sex drive. How many of them truly know the risks of bareback sex? Are the studios putting pressure on these guys to have unprotected sex because the audience is demanding it or is the audience getting it because the studio is creating the demand?

In one of the Corbin Fisher movies or scenes there are about 9 guys in a gym all fucking each other bareback. Ironically in that scene the guy that takes on all of them one after the other is also called Dawson. I’d be interested to know whether the studios are getting the guys regularly checked or are they more concerned about making money and churning through the guys while they can.

*Note: I am not claiming or insinuating that any of the guys in the photos above are in porn or having bareback sex. They were just hot photos.