Yesterday was my first real beach visit of the season. Today was the second. Spring has sprung and sprung with enthusiasm. Today it’s 27 degrees and there was a seamless uninterrupted blue sky as far as you could see. Yesterday while I was at the beach I noticed I had signal on my phone which is a rare thing on this particular beach so I snapped the photo on the left and instagrammed it. As it loaded I noticed that my sister had just uploaded a photo to her instagram moments before. So immediately beneath my nude self pic of my butt in the sunshine, there was a photo of my nearly 9 year old nephew mowing the lawn probably for the first time. Oh how different our worlds are.

It made me think that if I had turned out straight and had kids, I’d probably have a house instead of renting in an apartment and I’d be doing chores like that and recording the milestones of my kids just like my sister. Meanwhile I know at times my sister looks at my life, unencumbered by the responsibilities of looking after a family and taking myself off to the beach when I like, and she wishes for a little freedom. Now I’m not suggesting either of us really wants to exchange places, but a bit of a change or a break every now and then wouldn’t be bad. God knows I’d love to find Mr Right, but until he shows up, I’ll wait patiently, naked in the sun.