Today the Australian Senate voted down a second bill to change the marriage laws in Australia to include same sex couples. This wasn’t a surprise as Tony Abbott, leader of the opposition refused to allow his party to vote freely with their conscience, rather enforcing the party policy of homophobia and outdated conservatism, despite him having a lesbian sister. Four of Australia’s states and territories are now working towards changing laws at a state level, so the battle rages on. Interestingly a gay member of Parliament voted against marriage equality citing tradition and values as the reason.

Rupert Everett, bitter old queen British actor has said that he doesn’t believe in gay marriage, also stating that he believes that children should be raised by a mother and father. Graciously he has conceded that his views are out of step with most of the world. A friend and I were discussing the status quo with gay relationships in Sydney, with everyone looking over the shoulder of the man they are on a date with, looking for something more. I don’t think that is limited to gay relationships with a lot of our generation not really willing to put in the hard work to make a long term relationship work. It’s so much easier to start again with someone fresh and exciting as soon as things get tough.

My friend raised an interesting point, questioning whether gay men don’t bother putting the effort into relationships because they are treated as lesser relationships in the eyes of the law in most of the world, perhaps subconsciously taking to heart the old fashioned notion that we don’t “do” committed relationships? I have no answer to any of this. I thought I’d share the perspectives with you all and see what you thought.