Tomorrow night a friend is having a showcase presentation for his fashion label Utility Menswear and I’m going along to support him, his beautiful clothing and to take some photos of the event. One of the models that is working there is a guy that completely reduces me to a blithering fool. If you can just think back for a minute. We all have at least one person that we have had the biggest crush on, that we can’t actually function properly around. It may have been back at school or it might have happened at a party. Granted it’s not hard for me to be like that. If I’m attracted to someone then rational speech is pretty much rendered impossible.

This model came into my work about a year ago and is not only physical perfection but he’s a really sweet and lovely guy. He’s a country boy, really nice, has a smile that is wide and genuine and never far away. He’s at least a decade younger than me and straight so, given his unattainable status it was inevitable that I was going to fall for him. My criteria for falling for someone are at least one of the following. Physically, geographically or emotionally unavailable. Not only does he satisfy being unavailable by being straight and WAY out of my league, he had to guarantee I was smitten by complimenting me. I was chatting to our client in the photographic studio and Mr Gorgeous turns and asks me “Have you been working out?”

So now I’m trying to work out how I’m not going to embarrass myself tomorrow night in front of him by drooling over him or wetting myself with nerves. I’m sure I’ll be able to bluff my way through the evening but there may only be photos of him.

Why have I got photos of celebrities and not my professional model crush above? Purely to illustrate the level of crush I have on this guy. He’s the kind of guy I would have labradors with and take him home to mum.