It seems that once again the housemate roundabout is starting up. This time at least I’m not the one moving. My flatmate has decided to move out. He has lived in this apartment for 5 years and needs a change. He hasn’t been happy for a little while and told me yesterday that he’ll be moving out within a month. SO, it seems that I’m on the hunt for someone I can live with. If you are in Sydney and are in need of somewhere to live, email me and we can discuss details. There is a girl I used to share with many years ago in London who is thinking about it but I had it so good with this current flatmate being as comfortable nude as I am. We didn’t sit around the house nude but we certainly didn’t bother to get dressed when we got up in the morning or after showers etc. I’d love to have that comfort again with whoever moves in.

I’m looking for someone with a reliable income, not a party person, easy going, relatively clean and tidy, considerate and nice. It’s a short list.