Boylesque – Definition (from Urban Dictionary): Male Burlesque, namely done by boys under 30 with tight stripper bodies and stage moves. Not to be confused by Merlesque (which is older men doing burlesque over 30). So by that definition I’d have to take up Merlesque if I were to give it a shot, but I’m sticking to the name Boylesque.

This Sunday evening I’m going to see an evening of Boylesque (and merlesque) performances. I’ve never seen a specifically boylesque or burlesque show, but I’m very much looking forward to it. There is a real art form to putting on a really good show, doing a strip tease and not looking like an over oiled up stripper who looks bored stripping as quickly as possible in front of screaming women. I’ve seen male strip shows and I love a good eye-full of manflesh as much as anyone but do it with some art. If I ever get my body back into a reasonable shape where I’d feel comfortable stripping in front of a crowd, boylesque would be a fantastic way to do it.

Two guys I know are doing routines on Sunday night. One is a professional performer and a total exhibitionist so he’ll be fine. The other one does a bit of circus performing and a few other bits and pieces and speaking to him about Sunday night he’s challenging himself with this performance. He’s normally one of the “straight acting gay” crowd and a little unnerved by the idea that people might pick him as anything other than masculine. After talking to another boylesque performer who is way up the other end of the spectrum, often performing in heels and semi drag, who gets a bit of harassment from some audiences more there for the tits and arse of the female performers, my friend decided to push his comfort zone boundaries and is doing a Rocky Horror style character in stockings etc. It should prove to be a very entertaining evening.