I thought I’d give everyone a bit of an update on what’s happening with the AussieBum Fitness Challenge now that we are almost 6 weeks in. Unfortunately both Damien and Andy have had to pull out. Damien is having a couple of medical issues which he needs to fix before he can undertake a fitness regime. Andy is having some personal issues which are precluding him from participating. To both of you, thank you for joining us. It’s a shame you can’t achieve your goals at the moment but I’m sure you’ll both get back into it when you can, in your own time and I wish you both the best.

In the middle of the photos above is Richard’s update which I’ve been meaning to post for a week or so. Sorry Richard. I hope you are enjoying the challenge!

Now it’s time for a couple more tips from our guest Personal Trainer Jez Ryan. Jez is the one on the far left and far right above training some of his clients.

Q: Do you have any tips for finding what works for someone out of all the different exercise options or is it just trial and error?
A: Once again, I think it is ideal to work with a trainer who is able to show you all different types of exercises and workouts. This is a great way to find out exactly what works for you, what you really enjoy as well as the things you don’t. A good trainer will try to keep each session different from the last, giving you a variety of exercise techniques to use when training alone.
Q: When it comes to doing weights do you subscribe to using free weights to activate the core and other muscles or using machines to isolate muscles?
A: It is ideal to use both of these techniques, alternating them each session to maximise improvement and fitness levels. But once again, this does vary person to person. Some people just do not like free-weight workouts, others simply prefer it.
Q: What is your “go to” activity when you feel like a workout?
A: That depends, sometimes I may just feel like going for a run to really sweat it out and push myself. When I’m short on time I mostly do a simple sit-up, push-up, bicep and core workout at home. Then, when I have more time to spare, I’ll go to the gym and spend a few hours training. It really does differ from person to person based on your work and personal life schedules. It’s really about finding what works best for you.