Big Brother has just been relaunched here in Australia a few weeks ago after something like 6 years off the air. They billed it as being different this time round. They promised intelligent housemates that weren’t all in their 20’s. Guess what? Intelligent people that aren’t in their 20’s mustn’t have applied, because it’s pretty much full of unintelligent 20-somethings. Sure, Michael apparently has a genius IQ but they haven’t found a way to get him to show it yet.

They have brought back a “Big Brother Confidential” show once a week but really it shows us nothing any more interesting. What happened to the late night show with them all talking sex, swearing and naked in the shower? THAT is what should have come back. In honour of the gratuitous memory of Big Brother Australia, here is a video of Dean who was never shy. He was in the third or fourth series several years ago.

Big Brother Dean from Galih Hermansah on Vimeo.