In the real world, we are getting more and more prudish and shy with people going to extraordinary lengths to make sure no one sees their “privates” even in a change room setting at the gym. I won’t cover old territory again by complaining out unhealthy that attitude is.

In the virtual world it seems like no one can keep their clothes on. I was thinking how strange it was and what a contrast it is to the real world, as soon as you step online or into the virtual realm people are getting their junk out all over the place. Teenagers are sending each other nude pics over the phone and on cam. As a bit of a test I went to a tumblr blog that wasn’t a porn one but was a pervy one. Granted that means it features exhibitionists and nudists but all amateurs and no porn stars or professionals. In one page of this tumblr blog, no clicking through to the next page, there were 16 different guys with full frontal photos in 14 different photos in total (two had two guys in them). Now, if we multiply that by all the tumblr pages out there that is a hell of a lot of guys willing to have photos taken of their cock. Yes, a lot of those people would be happy getting nude in the gym locker room, but I’m also guessing there are a lot of photos on the internet of nude guys that don’t let people see them nude in real life unless it involves sex.