Proving once more that the internet really has changed the way news and information is spread around the world, within a couple of days of Prince Harry’s nude photos leaking armed forces people around the world started showing their support for Harry in what has to be one of the coolest meme’s around. They all took their clothes off and posed for a photo saluting, albeit with their privates covered by a hand or a really big firearm!

Personally I don’t think there are many people outside of the Royal Family in any way offended by Harry’s behaviour. Nearly every person I’ve spoken to about it thinks he’s completely awesome. If indeed there is a video being shopped around then I’m sure we’ll all see it soon enough. I love that he was playing strip billiards. My friends and I have done that before too. We were playing pool, not billiards but it’s pretty similar. For our game, if everyone started fully clothed. If you sunk an opponents ball instead of your own, you took a garment off but if you sunk the black before it was time, not only did you lose the game but you lost all your clothes. Between games you don’t get your garments back.