Today marked 6 months exactly since the surgery on my arms to reattach the tendons to the bone in both biceps. Needless to say the injury and the recovery are not things I wish to ever have to repeat. I had my final checkup with the surgeon this afternoon and have been given the all clear to return to training. I no longer have any restrictions on what I’m allowed to lift but my left arm is weaker in the “supination” movement. That is the twisting inward motion. Apparently that is the strength I lost in this injury. So I’ll have to work hard on the left arm but the right is fine. Being my dominant arm it’s had much more use.

The surgeon said that I will never be as good as new but I shouldn’t have anything to worry about and there is no problem with me going back to silks classes. I know there will quite a slow road back to full strength and fitness but I can’t wait, as nervous as I am, to climb those silks again. The main frustration is over, time to train!