I’ve just got home from seeing an amazing documentary called Bully. The new organisation here in Australia called Community Brave which is trying to eradicate bullying and youth suicide put on a special advanced screening tonight and I have to say it was one of the most shocking things I’ve seen. Bullying is most common in schools and school age children, I know. Most gay men won’t have children so it’s easy to say “not my problem” but it’s that kind of indifference and inaction that is leading to children taking their own lives because they have no way out.

As gay men, we have all probably experienced more than our fair share of bullying and aggression in our lives and I think we owe it to ourselves and to other kids to try and help fix the problem. In this movie there are so many examples of the system failing these kids. The Principal of one of the schools is so inept at handling every situation I’m stunned that she has a job. She made a bully and his victim shake hands and then let the bully walk away while telling the victim it was his fault for getting in the way.

There are dozens of heartbreaking and “Oh my god” moments throughout the film. Please see it and if you are in contact with children in a parent, role model or mentor way please, take the children to see it.