In what may or may not be a situation related to the crazy guy sending me abusive messages on Grindr, where someone was probably using my photos on manhunt and giving people fake addresses, now it seems someone is using my photos on another site as well.

Over the weekend I sent a few messages out on dudesnude and one guy replied overnight saying “nice ill pass, saw ur photos on and not into hiv pos guys thx anyway.” A nice enough rejection but doesn’t really apply to me. First up, I’m not on and nor am I HIV+. Am I offended that he thinks I’m HIV+ because of the site? No. Being HIV+ isn’t ideal and I’m sure a lot of positive guys would prefer not to be, but everyone that I know that is HIV+ is healthy and living a full life so that’s not an issue. Being chronically single and almost celibate I certainly don’t need another factor helping guys turn me down. I am offended that someone is using my photos and if it’s the same person as the manhunt situation, they are out there using my face (and body?) to piss people off and mess them around which isn’t generally my style.

I am intrigued that this guy saw me on a barebacking site when reading his profile and his response, he’s not into HIV+ guys or presumably bareback sex. So what is he doing on a barebacking site? Maybe it’s just a perve for him and that’s fine. If he’s one of those guys that lectures people about barebacking then that’s just stupid. People are allowed to make their own choices, whether you agree with them or not.