A week ago I shared a body fat loss tip from the awesome Hugh Jackman. Now I’m bringing you tips from a friend of mine and personal trainer. Jez Ryan is a PT who lives over in Bondi and trains his lucky clients around our famous and beautiful Bondi Beach. Jez has agreed to answer some of our fitness and training questions to help motivate those of us taking on the aussieBum fitness challenge. We’ve got two weeks before the first progress photo is due and if you are like me, you might be struggling to get going. Hopefully once I build up some speed you won’t be able to stop me! I’ve asked Jez a few questions already and gradually I’ll be posting them along with his answers as a constant motivator and encouragement.

Q: Some of us have taken our bodies for granted and were lucky enough to have naturally fast metabolisms and not had to train hard, but now that has gone as we get a bit older. For those out there like me, who’ve never needed to do cardio until now, but hate it, do you have any tips for motivating ourselves and sticking to it?

A: I truly think the best way to maintain motivation for cardio workouts, such as running or swimming for example, is to find a training buddy or join a group. It’s always easy to make excuses to yourself for not going for that run, but when you have made a commitment with someone else or to a group of people, it’s much easier to stay motivated and focused. 



Q: With all the conflicting information out there, how do people know what is right and wrong?
A: This can vary quite a bit, but I recommend that if you are interested in starting a training program, do some research yourself before approaching a gym or trainer – there is a wealth of information on the internet. This way you can gain a basic understanding of how it all works and what you want to achieve. I also think it is ideal for everyone to try working with a personal trainer, at least in the beginning to help get you underway and make sure your techniques are correct as to avoid injury and maximize results. You will often see a lot of people working out in the gym that have terrible techniques and as a result will not get all they can get out of each session.