In recent times I’ve noticed a couple of disturbing phenomenon starting to happen. Today I had a bit of a gentle run in with a young guy that I’ve known online for some time even though we’ve never really met. There was a discussion happening on facebook and in that discussion he (probably jokingly) insulted me a couple of times. Each insult was followed with a “lol” or “haha”. Guess what? An insult is still felt even though you’ve “lol’d” afterwards. Hahaha does not make anything actually funny, nor does lol. LOL stands for Laugh Out Loud and while I’m guilty of using it too freely, there should be some general mirth and humour involved. To me it’s like when people say “That’s funny” instead of actually laughing. Typing lol or hahaha is not an excuse to be incredibly rude to someone and then try and dull the blow.

A little while ago I posted about a bizarre conversation with another Sydney photographer who asked me to unfriend him on facebook and to unlike his photography page because I obviously wasn’t a true friend, because I didn’t hit the like button on his posts or comment on them enough. In the course of that little unnerving conversation I said that I couldn’t understand what all the drama was about. His response to me was “I don’t do drama”. Really? It seems to me that’s exactly what you are doing.

So, it seems that we are in a world where people seem to take no responsibility for their actions and by saying they aren’t doing exactly what they are doing, or pretending they aren’t, then they can happily wander around with a clear conscience.