Over the weekend in Canberra, our Nation’s Capital, there was a National Marriage Day Rally. Thankfully like most of these bigotry fuelled events, there were only 150 people in attendance. Pastor Peter Walker spoke to the crowd about the importance of marriage being between a man and a woman to strengthen their bond and to procreate. Allegedly he also told the crowd that “I’m convinced that homosexuals reproduce themselves by molesting children.”

This is such a disgusting and outdated allegation that all gay men are pedophiles and all LGBT people are predatory. Guess what Pastor Walker? It’s straight people that are having the gay children. Thankfully in Rallies around the country in support of Marriage Equality on the same weekend, thousands turned out instead of the meager crowd at this rally.

In what may be even more terrifying news to the LGBT community, it’s been announced that our very own Prime Minister Julia Guillard may give the key note speech at the Australian Christian Lobby’s conference in November. This is the same Christian Lobby that has sent out 120 anti gay press releases in the first half of this year alone. They seem to be more focused on decidedly anti-christian fear mongering than helping those in need or charitable thoughts and treating people humanely, which is what I always thought being a Christian is about.