I thought I’d share a little inspiration with you all taking part in the aussieBum Fitness Challenge or even those who might just appreciate it for no reason in particular. This is Hugh Jackman. I assume we are all familiar with him? He is in Australia filming the new Wolverine movie at the moment and has allegedly been spotted in a Sydney gym at 2 am working out to get/stay in shape for the movie. I’ve had the pleasure of seeing Hugh working out in the gym a few years ago and the man works seriously hard.

Apparently Hugh’s tip for losing body fat, this is the bit we challengers might want to take in, is to do low intensity cardio for 45 minutes on an empty stomach. So that means early morning and DON’T have a banana or anything before the cardio or that is what will be burnt off. I don’t know if this is medically sound advice but I’ll present the photos above as exhibit A for the defence. It clearly works.