After seeing Anderson Cooper come out and say that being visible and standing up is a valuable and important thing, former Aussie Olympic Trampolinist and Gold Medal Winner at the Sydney Olympics, Ji Wallace has come out publicly as being HIV+. Another huge inspiration for Ji was reading about Greg Louganis’ battle with HIV and being public about being positive. I don’t know much about Ji but I do remember his huge smile after winning gold here in Sydney 12 years ago. Ji came out about his sexuality in 2005 and is lucky enough to have the full support of his family and a boyfriend that loves him.

I’m the first to admit that I still have slight phobias about HIV but only about catching it and trying to stay negative for the sake of my health. Once I’d met a few people that were HIV+ and learnt more about it it didn’t take long to see that people living with HIV don’t deserve the stigma that still exists.

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