As a single man, it’s always a pleasure to hang around with couples. You get to see what you are missing out on by being single. Yes, that often involves bickering, tension and some full on arguments. It also involves lovingly snuggling up to someone on the lounge, seeing the person you love as you wake up in the morning and having someone there who is essentially obliged to take your side in an argument or when bitching about your job.

I know that you couples may envy some aspects of being single, like having the freedom to make decisions without considering someone else. I would say the freedom to fuck who you like but most of you are doing that anyway.

I have one favour to ask. PLEASE stop patronising me with the line “You don’t know how easy you have it. Relationships are hard work.” Guess what? I know that. I still aspire to it. Your argument is completely negated by the fact that you all complain about it being hard but I don’t actually see any of you finding it so hard that you hand in your smug couple membership card. If it were really that difficult you would pack your bags surely?

It’s nice that you are trying to be understanding and I appreciate it but I don’t believe you.

Disclaimer: Yes I was grumpy when I wrote this. Yesterday I worked up the courage to ask someone out that I’ve met and think is a really nice guy, only to be turned down once again. I’m going through a lonely stage and it’s getting to me so yes, this is a touch of a self pity party but I stand by what I’ve written.