That’s it folks. The deadline to get yourselves entered into the aussieBum Fitness Challenge has passed. Fourteen of us are taking the challenge. Now it’s on to the hard work of making our transformations. Last time I did this challenge my own before and after shots were almost identical and somehow I’ve let myself go even more. At least this time I’m starting looking worse and coming off an 6 month recovery from injury so really, I’ll have to be working hard to look worse at the end.

To introduce the challengers now, from right to left: Andy who wants to lose 40lb before he turns 50 this year and feel good again. Richard is up next and he’s another contender who has already made great progress on his own but wants to do this with us to keep his motivation up. Next up is the 2010 Fitness Challenge winner and friend, Jonathon. Keep in mind, yes Jono is looking great but we all have different goals. Jonathon is a competitive body builder so is always bulking up and ripping down, exhausting. Fourth is Luke, my training partner at the gym (when I can go back to working out). Simon is the young blonde hottie up next. He wants to bulk up and add some muscle mass. Then there is saggy old me on the end. I took those photos yesterday and felt awful. I was always so sceptical when my parents and others said it just creeps up on you. Apparently they were right.

So. Where to from here? Train our arses off and get ourselves in shape. At the end of August, the first of the first “progress” shots are due, which isn’t very far away but it’s good motivation to dive right in.