On Friday a friend of mine sent me an email saying he was watching another friend of mine put on quite the show on CAM4. Now I know this other friend has a touch of an exhibitionist streak but was a little surprised that he’d go to those lengths but wholeheartedly approve of it. He’s hot and each to their own. If he gets off on jacking off or bouncing on a dildo while being watched on cam, more power to him.

The curious part kicks in when I know he’s been nude on beaches but only when the beach is deserted. It’s that odd distinction that it’s ok to be nude and to be seen when it’s sexual but when it’s just casual or recreational nudity there’s something odd about it. Now this friend knows (hell, everyone knows) that I go to nude beaches and he doesn’t give a rats arse about it or judge it in any way, but being nude in front of people in a casual setting just isn’t for him.

It’s a topic I’ve mentioned many times on this blog and I’m still yet to hear an argument that makes any sense as to why social nudity is weird or not right. I get why people are happy to get their junk out for sexual reasons. If someone is offering to suck it, I’ll happily get it out. My point is that there is nothing wrong with just being comfortable and enjoying nudity, socially, with friends or on a beach with strangers.