Here are the next four challengers in the ausssieBum Fitness Challenge! I’m giving those stragglers out there til Monday evening Sydney time to get their “before” photos in and to commit to the challenge. Remember, this is not a challenge to look like an ausssieBum model, but rather to improve your health and fitness. The ausssieBum models are just there to motivate us and the winner, voted by the readers of Aussielicious as having made the best progress will will a gift pack from ausssieBum.

From left to right above we have Reymon who like most of us doesn’t quite know when his belly snuck up on him and after having a now-ex wife who was morbidly obese, is determined to get back into shape. Next up is Patrick who is a little shy about showing his face but wants to join in regardless. Lee is next up and looks like he’s raring to go. Last but not least for today is long time Aussielicious reader, Marc who says he was comfort or emotional eating which I know I’ve been guilty of in the past. Thanks for being brave enough guys, to share your “before” shots with us. I’m looking forward to seeing how everyone transforms themselves.