Tonight I’m posting the first of those hardy brave souls taking me up on the aussieBum Fitness Challenge! I have a few more challengers ready to go that I’ll post in the next couple of days, along with trying to muster up the bravery to take my own “before” shot.

From left to right we have: Andreas who has already lost a lot of weight but is using this challenge as motivation to keep going til he’s reached his goal. Next is Daniel who was the first person to send in his “before” picture. Long time blog buddy and wonderful man, Damien is next in line. Last but not least is Joey. Now keep in mind everyone has different goals. Daniel wants to put on some muscle, Damien and Andreas want to lose some weight and tone up. Joey hasn’t told me what his goals are as yet. I am enforcing a new rule when it comes to comments on this challenge. Everyone has to play nice. Before you post a comment you need to ask yourself whether you’d say it to their face at a dinner party? If not, then don’t post it, unless of course it’s so ridiculously nice that it’d be embarrassing, then you can post it.