Following on from the hot bendy German that is Philipp Boy last night, tonight I bring you my favourite Olympian, Matthew Mitcham. Matt is one of only 21 out gay athletes out of thousands at the games in London and one of 3 men out of those 21 gay athletes. I still get a bit teary watching Matthew’s amazing dive in Beijing. For those that don’t know, Matthew scored the highest ever score in a dive at the Olympics back in 2008 and was the only non-Chinese gold medalist in diving at those Games. He was also only one of 10 out gay athletes at those games.

I see Matthew relatively regularly near my work and while we’ve never officially met he seems like such a nice guy and I’ve never heard a bad word about him. Matt’s arrival in London a week or two ago saw him doing handstands on anything that was secure, climbing the Olympic rings in the athletes village and tweeting photos all over the place. Matthew, you have Australia behind you and we are cheering for you!