Thanks to Buzzfeed, I’ve now become acquainted with the very hot German Gymnastic Team and in particular the luscious Philipp David Boy featured here. Oh my. I love a fit buff guy as you all know, but a really bendy one on top of that is amazing. Then to see THAT smile and THOSE eyes as he’s doing his bendy thing around the bedroom gymnasium is just more than I’d dare to ask for. To be honest, I’m not entirely sure that is him doing the ridiculously strong handstand (below) but in my mind it is. Look at those legs for goodness sake. Let’s face it, they are all a bit hot so who am I to be choosy?

This is the first of what will no doubt be very sporadic and male-centric Olympics inspired posting here on Aussielicious but I’m sure you don’t mind as long as I keep them pretty.