This weekend I was invited to join a bunch of friends along with some others I didn’t know for a big gay Christmas in July out of Sydney. So I left work a couple of hours early on Friday and sat in horrendous traffic for a few hours making my way to the Blue Mountains, west of Sydney.

There were 18 of us staying in 3 cabins and it was a fantastic weekend. Lots and lots of laughs were had. Many more drinks were had which resulted in several sore heads and a lot of stories of drunken misadventures. It was so good to get out of Sydney and shake up my routine a bit. I’ve been in a bit of a rut as we all know and to get out and meet some new people, catch up with people I’ve known for a while and breathe in some fresh air was very much needed.

The photos above were taken just on my iPhone (and run through a very handy “clarify” filter in Camera+). For those of you that haven’t seen the Blue Mountains, or even Australia, we really do have some stunning scenery here. You should come visit this big island.