25 years ago, a diminutive (I think it’s a rule you have to call her diminutive because she’s TINY!) actress in an Australian soap opera performed a cover version of an old song called Locomotion at an event, not thinking it would go anywhere. The next year it was released as an official single. For years afterwards, despite many hit songs, Kylie was still dogged by the tag of the Singing Budgie and everyone thought her music career would fizzle out. Apparently not.

Hard work, perfectionism, creativity and adapting along the way and Kylie is still here. This video is this month’s K25 release and it edits together her various interpretations of Locomotion in the 25 years since she started. Yes, there is quite a gap in the middle. Once she was being taken seriously and had earned her credibility, Kylie tried to leave those early years behind, but now she embraces them and appreciates them for all they’ve given her. The last part of this video is from her Abbey Road sessions which, given she’s been filming them and has hair and makeup etc, I’m PRAYING (she’s the closest thing to organised religion I have) that not only will there be an Abbey Road album but DVD as well.