Back when I was a tiny baby, my parents had me circumcised. I don’t remember it and I don’t resent them for it. They were part of that generation that was raised to believe that it was cleaner, healthier and easier. They were also part of the generation that thought it was easier to have me circumcised than have to explain later why my penis looked different to my father’s had they not had it done, which I don’t really agree with, but hey, it was nearly 39 years ago and my cock is how I’ve always known it.

Today I read an article in a magazine about circumcision and while I didn’t have the chance to read the whole article, it mainly dealt with adult circumcision. I am all for people being circumcised for medical reasons, such as painful or too-tight foreskin or other medical reasons. I can even go along with religious reasons even though I’m not religious. A lot of people are. What the article went on to say was that a majority of adult procedures are carried out on men who are having it done to please a wife or girlfriend who believes that a foreskin is dirty or unsightly, even ugly. Seriously?

If a man told his wife that her vagina was unsightly and that a very sensitive and sexually satisfying part of it should be cut off, there would be hell to pay. Now imagine that was a common thing. There would be riots in the street. Why on earth is it ok for women to tell their partners to have a very fun part of their anatomy cut off? Sure, the penis operates perfectly well without it. I have the evidence to prove it in my right hand most nights.

Most of the readership of Aussielicious is gay men, so we aren’t likely to come across this problem, but I’m intrigued. I want people to ask the women around them what they think of this practice. I know there are a lot of women very happy with their partner’s foreskin and this is most likely only happening in a minority of cases but I still think it’s disgusting.