For the second half of 2010, in conjunction with aussieBum I ran a fitness challenge. Guess what? It’s BACK! That’s right, I’m offering up a very public form of motivation. Commit to entering this challenge and you’ll (hopefully) be motivated to get in shape. The challenge will run until the end of the year and anyone that commits to joining in has to send in a photo at the end of every month showing their progress. If you can do it wearing aussieBum‘s that would be even better and much more appropriate. I’m doing it too!

I have exactly one month today before I can go back to weight training and circus classes, but I can do cardio. I just hate it. This challenge will hopefully kick me in the arse to start doing some and then I’ll add weights etc when I can. How does it work? Starting now, challengers have to send in a “before” photo and then at the end of each month you send in a progress photo. Try and take the photos under the same conditions so the lighting and position should be as close to the same as possible so we can see progress. Then at the end of the challenge (at the end of the year) each challenger’s “before” and “after” photos will be posted and the readers of Aussielicious will vote on who has made the most progress, NOT on who is the hottest. Obviously, as this is my blog, I will not be eligible to enter. The person voted as having made the best progress in the 5 months will get a gift pack from aussieBum, and a whole new lease on life!

So, get your “before” shots taken and sent in as quickly as possible. I’ll be cutting off new challenger entries in a couple of weeks. Let’s see how close we can get to looking like Toby or Andreas!

Update: Email your “before” photos to me at