Derron is a model that I stumbled across on Model Mayhem last week. Chiseled jaw, body of a super hero and blue eyes to match. All of his images are gorgeous but I have a problem. Take another look at the shots above. All of those shots, and all the others on the model mayhem profile share one thing in common. There is only one facial expression.

It’s concerning me how often you see this kind of thing these days in magazines and blogs, especially the gay ones. We are falling into the trap of thinking a six pack and a bulge is all that is needed to be a model. If a model is going to make it to the top of the industry they need to be able to give off at least a few believable facial expressions. Half the time when you look at fitness models and guys modelling for gay magazines they look almost surprised and scared to find a camera looking at them. Maybe they’ve been practicing in the mirror or on the dance floor for so long that it is actually a surprise to them but guess what guys? It’s what you’ve been training so hard for, relax, enjoy it and work your face as much as you are flexing your abs.