The last two days have seen a flurry of new submissions arrive for the Smile photography challenge. Let me take this opportunity to remind people of the photography challenge guidelines here at Aussielicious. Only one photo per person per challenge is allowed. Please select your own if you have a few you want to submit. I don’t want you blaming me if you don’t get votes because I chose the wrong one.

Keep in mind that this is not a challenge about what makes you smile but rather a PHOTOGRAPHY challenge with a theme of what makes you smile. All entries will be posted but the winning submission will be voted with the goal that it will be printed as a gift to the winner of the following challenge. So while you may love your pet, and it may make you smile, unless it’s a stunning photo then it may not make sense on a stranger’s wall. The goal is to try and capture the idea of whatever it is that makes you smile.

On to the submissions for tonight. First up is Richard’s photo of his dog Sophie.

Second is Austin’s beautiful photo of a Sunset over the water. Austin says that sunsets remind him of good things that have happened and what may yet come along.

Third and final shot for tonight (there are more to come tomorrow) is from John with this shot of the landscape in Oberon. Oberon is a town in New South Wales, Australia for those that don’t know.