I don’t know what’s happened to you all with this latest challenge. For the last few challenges I’ve had the submissions flooding in and this is only the third one for the Smile Challenge. I only had a few people send in videos when I asked for a video of something that makes you smile. Are you all stuck for things that make you smile? That makes me very sad if that is the case. There is so much to smile about in the world. Be creative and take a photo of an activity that makes you smile, a place, someone else that makes you smile, a colour… whatever! Surely you all have something to smile about? I promise if you go looking for things that make you smile, you’ll be surprised at what you find.

Alexander always finds himself smiling when he learns a new skateboarding trick, so he’s sent this shot in of his very cool skateboard deck with him about to take off on it and make himself smile!