In just over 5 weeks, I’ll technically be allowed to go back to doing normal weight training and even more excitingly, go back to aerial silks classes. I’m scared. I was a bit out of shape before I hurt myself which I have no doubt contributed to the injury. Now that I haven’t been exercising properly for what will be 6 months on top of that means it’s going to be a long climb back to full fitness. At first I will be doing very light weights at the gym and I imagine for a while at circus class I’ll be doing very basic conditioning exercises like climbing up and down the silks building up my strength.

I’ve never had an easy relationship with cardio exercise and since that is about all I have been able to do, I’ve realised just how much I dislike it, therefore been neglecting it. Sadly I need to lose some of this fat that has settled around my midsection so I’m going to have to push myself more and do it, no matter what.

Thankfully I have friends who send me inspirational photos like this. I’ve always liked the idea of doing a nude silks routine but my god you’d have to be careful about the moves you put in the routine. No routine is made better with screams of pain as you lose a testicle.