Now I admit to knowing NOTHING about American football, I barely know anything about the kinds of football we play here in Australia, but I know what looks good. ESPN apparently releases an annual Body issue featuring beautiful photos of nude athletes and being an Olympic year, this year’s issue is full of America’s Olympic hopefuls amongst other athletes. One of those “other” athletes is Rob Gronkowski who I believe plays at “tight end” for the New England Patriots.

Other things I’ve learned purely from the photos of Rob are that he likes to be well groomed. Totally groomed it would appear. I’ve learned that he has a killer body, that he looks like he has a good sense of humour and would be fun to work with on a photo shoot. I’ve also learned that he’s not shy. That cover shot is using a graphic put on after the photo shoot to cover his junk which the voyeur in me believes to mean that there is a photo out there, probably under lock and key, that doesn’t have that graphic.