We all know that I’m a sucker for a hot guy and sexy photos of hot guys. We also know I’m a total sucker for aussieBum underwear and swimwear. It makes up about 95% of what I wear. When it comes to their models, I’m torn. The guys are all ridiculously hot so why am I torn? Well on the one hand they intimidate the hell out of me. On the other hand I try to use them as inspiration but we all know I’m not the best at motivating myself in the gym or with my fitness.

Now that I’m approaching the final weeks of my recovery after surgery on my arms and in the interim I’ve really struggled to do any cardio which is what I really should be doing, I really need to ignite that fire and look at getting my sorry arse into shape. I’ve got six more weeks before I can do weight training and go back to circus classes.

I would have to say out of all the aussieBum models, Toby (far left) is probably my favourite and the classic aussieBum shot of him standing nude in the turquoise surf with his aB’s around his neck will always be a favourite. Andreas is absolutely stunning and after a cheeky glimpse of him in the change room at the gym once, I can say that award winning package (second from the left) is all real. Matt (3rd from the left) is one of the more recent regulars in their stable of beefcake and on top of his killer body is a ridiculous smile which always gets me. Yet there will always be a soft spot for Tim (far right). There is just something about his ridiculously broad shoulders and the fact that you could shelter refugees under his pecs that really does something to for me.

Right, let me see if I can drag my butt out of bed for cardio in the morning.