Hysteria is a new film to be released here in Australia next week on 12th July and in conjunction with Hopscotch Films I have three double passes to giveaway to lucky Aussielicious readers.

Hysteria is set in jolly England and is the story of a very proper English doctor working to find a cure for “Hysteria” which seems to have been a common malady for ladies of the era. It stars Hugh Dancy and Maggie Gyllenhaal and looks like a really good movie. It’s not at all gay themed, nor does it feature any raunch so it may seem like an odd match for this blog but I love a good movie of any kind. I especially like those movies that entertain without resorting to explosions and computer graphics.

SO. The first three readers who live in Australia and can get to a screening at a participating cinema to give the correct answer to the question below will receive a double pass.

Question: What was the name of the movie Maggie Gyllenhaal made released in 2002 co-starring James Spader?
Answers are to be emailed to brenton.parry@gmail.com