Above is the interaction I had with someone on Grindr last night, pretty much sealing the deal for me on just how useless the app is for me. I’ll give you a minute to try and read the conversation.

Right, now that you’ve read that the only conclusions I can draw from the conversation are:

A – someone is using my photos on manhunt “and like two others” and being a complete asshole to people by giving fake addresses which one would need to do if you were using photos that weren’t your own. I mean the hookup isn’t likely to go very well if it’s not the person they are expecting.

B – The guy is being a Grindr troll and just being a psycho for no apparent reason other than his own amusement. He had two profiles on Grindr which I’m assuming is Grindr and Grindr Xtra, probably one for each personality or particular brand of crazy.

C – The final conclusion I can draw is that all crazy people are completely illiterate. It took me a couple of reads through all those messages at first to figure out if indeed I had anything to be scared of. It appears I might have a group of deranged illiterate gay bikers threatening me. I’m not entirely sure. As you can see, I have kept screen shots of the conversation and the guy’s face and I might be making a call to the police to see where I stand on this issue.