Anderson Cooper has finally confirmed one of those rumours that probably didn’t need to be confirmed. He’s gay. Yes, the very definition of the Silver Fox has confirmed he’s on our team. This is another fine example of the kind of role model that the gay world needs. He’s intelligent, informed, articulate and has a cute giggle when something makes him laugh.

If you read Anderson’s full statement, it makes a lot of sense. “In a perfect world, I don’t think it’s anyone else’s business, but I do think there is value in standing up and being counted.” It’s true. Really it isn’t anyone’s business but it does help all the kids struggling out there to see someone successful and intelligent being open and proud about who they are.

Some people have asked why I wrote such a “vicious” post about Tom Cruise. Well he to me is the opposite of Anderson. While no one (that we know of) can officially confirm Tom’s sexuality, there have been rumours for so long that to me it seems hard to believe there isn’t some substance to them. Everything about Tom (in my humble opinion) screams of a very controlled public image of a macho man. Every movie it’s widely reported and highlighted how he does his own stunts, rides motorbikes etc, yet every time he sues someone for daring to suggest that he’s gay he sends a message to struggling and bullied kids that it’s not okay to be gay. He tells them that it’s dangerous and that you’ll lose everything if you come out. Tom’s scary opinions about scientologists being better equipped to handle emergency situations and being mentally elite is outright dangerous. I just don’t like him.
So, to me Anderson, while up until now never acknowledged his sexuality, he hasn’t denied it either. In his own words he is proud of who he is and has never been ashamed.