James Magnussen is one of Australia’s big hopefuls in this year’s Olympics. He’s a bloody good chance for gold as the current world champion in the 100m Freestyle. He’s also clocked the third fastest ever time in that same event. James typifies everything that if I’m pressed to list attributes of my “type”, I’ll be listing. He’s tall, 6’5″ tall… yummy tall. He’s ripped, got broad shoulders and long limbs. He’s sculpted without being massively bulky. Best of all, he’s got a killer smile and sparkly blue eyes I can look at for ages.

Looking up facts for this post, it’s been a bit depressing to realise that James is off to the Olympics and he’s not even that young for an elite swimmer, yet he was born in the year I finished High School. Oh dear.

I’ve seen a few interviews with Mr Magnussen and he’s cocky, some might say a touch arrogant but an elite athlete gunning for Olympic gold has to have an edge of confidence and even self absorbtion. Who else would sacrifice everything else to achieve their goals? Now, let’s start a campaign to get swimmers out of those ugly long suits and into old school speedos again. Little ones.