Reading online gay fiction over recent weeks, there are some recurring themes that pop up. Some of them are about domination or submission. Some are the typical fantasies of locker rooms, jocks and all the other fairly obvious scenarios that you’d expect. One that often crops up is reconnecting with an unrequited love from high school or college. That guy you were really good friends with at school but were too scared to come out to, if you were even out to yourself at the time.

I read a couple of those stories and starting thinking back to school and college wondering if there was anyone that I wanted to see again and thought about romantically/sexually. After a bit of thinking there isn’t actually anyone that comes to mind. Over the past few years I’ve seen guys that I’ve had crushes on in the past, back in my late high school era and more recently and while I’ll freely admit that everyone ages and neither of them had aged particularly badly, I think sometimes those fantasies are best left in the past. The rose coloured glasses of nostalgia make it hard for anyone to live up to the reputation.

An article I read last year some time was about couples that had been high school sweethearts that had gone on to marry other people, divorce and reconnected later in life. Statistically those reconnected relationships were abnormally successful for 2nd or 3rd marriages. So I guess that says maybe it’s not best to leave things in the past after all. Sadly for me, all my crushes are straight anyway so I can safely leave them where they are.

I’d love to hear if anyone has reconnected with an old flame or unrequited love and made it work.