I’m writing this post from a very dangerous point of view, fully aware that I make some spelling mistakes and grammatical errors when I write posts on this blog.

I’ve been reading a bit of online fiction in the form of gay short stories over the past few weeks in my quiet moments. I really admire the effort and the time that the authors have invested in writing these stories, some of them many chapters long and some of them actually very entertaining stories. Having said that, the internet it would seem is where the English language has gone to die a horrible, painful death. Between the chronic misuse of your instead of you’re, people trying too hard and using the wrong their, there or they’re and even to or too bringing people undone, there are stories out there and many facebook statuses (or even entire profiles) that I just can’t read without getting frustrated.

One story I came across today had used the word “allot” twice in the first paragraph and they weren’t talking about allotting time or space to anything, they meant “a lot”. The other misspelling of “alot” has become so common that someone has come up with a creature called an “alot”. The other story that drove me insane, despite it probably being one of the most accurate in getting the form of speech for it’s character correct used the term “loadsa” as in loads of, three times in the first two sentences and I just couldn’t cope.

The other thing I’ve learned from reading these stories is that you can often tell if an author has written several stories, what their fantasy or sexual tastes are. The characters are very similar physical types and the sex is the same in all of their stories. One such writer has a clear passion for hairless young men with “tiny red nipples” and a “fawn like” build.