Saturday afternoon saw me drive over to the other side of Sydney Harbour to my sister’s house. My nephew was going with some friends to see the new Pixar movie “Brave” for a friend’s birthday. My sister and I decided we’d go to the cinema as well to take my niece to see it as well. I have to say “Brave” is one of the best Pixar movies that I’ve seen and I really like their movies. It’s hilariously funny, spectacularly animated and for the first time from the Pixar studio it has a female lead character in the form of Merida, the feisty Scottish princess. But Brave isn’t what this post is about.

As Pixar tends to like to do, they showed an animated short film prior to the main movie. This time around it was a movie called “La Luna” which was nominated for an Oscar for Best Animated Short Film. I can see why it was nominated and without knowing the competition, it should have won. I don’t think I’ve ever seen such a beautiful, simple story told that made me smile, surprised me and (cliche warning) warmed my heart and yet it barely had any language in it. I would almost go so far to say that it’s almost worth the admission to see “Brave” just to see this perfectly crafted seven minutes of film magic.