After posting about the old public nudity challenge on Aussielicious back in it’s early days, two of my lovely readers have shared their photos with us. Sure, they aren’t as public as the photos were back in the days of the challenge, but I’m never going to complain when guys send in their photos to be shared on the blog and there’s nothing wrong with enjoying nature or even your own yard nude in the sunshine.

Above is Hiram, a regular contributor to Aussielicious. He’s sent in photos for the self portrait challenge a while ago and he’s here again, this time standing outside a trailer on his parents property. He was visiting his parents and they went out for a while so what is the natural thing to do? Take your clothes off, grab a camera and see what you can do. Hiram is in great shape as always and I personally will never tire of him sending in great photos.

Below is Paul who was out enjoying the beauty of mother nature with his partner who happily photographed him lying on this log. Now I’m not sure it looks as comfortable on Paul’s goodies there as the relaxed look on his face suggests but it’s a good shot. Thanks guys for sharing!