It is with great disappointment and sadness that I report that the clothing optional gyms that were rumoured to be starting up around the place seem to be a work of fiction from a strange and fraudulent man. When I was first told about the project by someone who had been contacted by the guy allegedly opening the gyms, it came with a warning that he had been a bit flakey. He’d missed all the meetings he’d arranged with my friend. For more than 6 months now he’s been saying to me that he’ll send the website up once it’s live. Just two or three days ago he said he’d send it. Today he’s claiming he sent it three times. I’ve never received anything.

I’ve had my suspicions for some time about this guy as every photo on his facebook page are headless photos of ripped muscular models. Sadly they are all obviously different models. Different bodies, different skin colours etc. The guy has actually once sent me a face pic in a text message and without being too harsh, he looks NOTHING like the guys in his facebook photos.

I’m really not sure what he hopes to achieve by spinning lies the way he has. The lines between fact and fiction seem very very blurred at times in our world and I’m not sure how people think they’ll get away with these stories without being caught. Of course there is a (very slim) chance that I’m wrong about this guy and there really are 9 clothing optional gyms open in NYC, London and around the world called “Clothing Opp” and they have miraculously avoided being reported on the news, featured on any blog or even shared on social media which would make them truly astounding in the current world of online information sharing.

If anyone does start up a clothing optional gym and is legitimate about it, contact me. I’ll be happy to promote it for you. I will however want proof.